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The Dental EMR

The Dental EMR

casenote software

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Electronic Dental Record

Casenote Software

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The C.N.S. of Your Practice 

Patent Pending



A disruptive and incredibly user-friendly Dental Clinical E.D.R

REAL tablet and stylus driven ingenuity

Our software is the embodiment of the evolved, amazingly intuitive, modern Clinical EMR.  It is exceedingly easy to use and  it is filled with logical entry sequences that are quick and easy to master.  You can now break-free from a keyboard and mouse with our program that was designed expressly for the tablet and stylus "ink" technology.


 We have created a new standard and re-defined the way clinician's entries and case note composition should flow.   C.N.S. yields a comprehensive, detailed case note record in seconds, and has progression safeguards for every step.  It protects clinicians and patients to a new level with it’s novel safeguard features which ensure all medical alerts are observed, pathologies are clearly noted and follow up is ensured. 


It is not simply scanning in forms and writing on them with a stylus, it is much more.  Casenote Software provides the highest level of protection for the clinician and patient and assures that important information does not fall through the cracks, drastically cutting down costly errors in a user-friendly way.  It is the perfect customizable solution for DSOs and private practices.  There is an infinite number of features, KPI reports and Ai machine learning that can be added through user customization requests for the ultimate in data mining.  All data can also be mined, so there are infinite modes of analysis possible.  

    Unparalleled Stylus and Fingertip Functionality

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     The Interactive Medical Sentry -            Landmark Pathology Platform 

This system provides a simple, user-friendly functionality to yield the highest level of protection for both patients and their clinicians  The "medical sentry alert" platform and our "Landmark Pathology Alert" system are driven by interactive Failsafe features which have safeguards protecting both the patient and the clinician against human error.  The result is a dramatic reduction in risk, and superior documentation. 

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           Voice Activated
       Periodontal Charting

Expedited accurate entry of periodontal measurement with an oversized, easy to read focus.  Any clinical notations are easily made with the stylus, anywhere on the screen with a spectrum of colors and thicknesses.  A cumulative, color-coded, cumulative history of probing sessions is displayed with the touch of a button. Periodontally involved teeth can easily be                  displayed based on pocket depth as well.

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   Fast and Easy: Multiple Tx Plans

  •  ​Lightning Fast Treatment Entry Using Stylus or Fingertip

  • Non-fatiguing and customizable user interface 

  • Intuitive, clear delineation of restorations and treament stages


  • Multiple treatment plans are rapidly created using our "clone" feature. 

Casenote Software E.D.R


Run Your Practice From Your iPad or Cell Phone


 Cures Compliant


Your Patients Can Access Their EHI


Will Continue to Innovate and Improve and Stay ahead of the rest

of the field With Continuous Cutting-Edge Updates


Will Save You a Lot of Money


Will Maximize Your Workflow


Will Expedite Referrals


Will Save You Valuable Chair Time 


Will Create Custom Features for Users


Will Enable You to Send an RX From Anywhere

With an Integrated e-Prescription App


Will Protect You From User Fatigue


Will Vastly Improve Your Documentations 


C.N.S. Will Allow Your Practice to Rock n' Roll! 

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